demon daze

by sports.

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michael rossman
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michael rossman lots of yummy guitar licks and great vocals, great emo band right here. awesome record I can't turn it off Favorite track: I Am the Boy.
Dave Phillips
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Dave Phillips this is the sound I've been waiting for since 2006. unbelievable album Favorite track: Steven Believin'.
Brad Kearsley
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Brad Kearsley Just a god damn amazing album. Thank you. Favorite track: Words That Rhyme With Different, etc..
Eric Harsh
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Eric Harsh Rick's Licks (A Harsh Tale). Favorite track: Rick's Licks (A Harsh Tale).
Sean Sandoval
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Sean Sandoval The perfect example of good twinkle emo. Every other twinkle band should strive to be like these guys. Because this is a gold mine of talent, emotion and passion. It's heavy and raw when it needs to be and soft and emotional when it needs to be. The perfect balance to make an emotional roller coaster of sadness and selfworth. This needs to be in everyone's bandcamp collection Favorite track: I Am the Boy.
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released August 25, 2015

Recorded March 16th through 20th, 2015 with Mike Moschetto at The Office in North Andover, MA

Mixed and Mastered by Mike Moschetto

Artwork by Steven Pribramsky Jr.

All music and lyrics written and performed by sports.



all rights reserved


sports. Boston, Massachusetts

3 piece from Boston, MA

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Track Name: I Love to be Chill
This past year's burned a hole in my head
I can't keep my eyes open
at second thought I couldn't care to listen
To any word anyone else said
I've been a lost cause since I can remember

It feels like I'm drowning
Why can't I just be dead

For now, I guess I could remain at rest; turn my senses off for months on end.
I'll never step a foot or an inch outside of my bedroom ever again
I can't believe I'm even alive, let alone well enough to lift my legs
I'll dim my lights shut the door to my life and crawl into the safety of my bed.

The light is so bright slipping through the cracks
Between the black out curtains and my shades
I never strive to change my life
I can't even convince myself to behave
In situations of extreme importance
Can I even spell my name?

Drowning, why can't I be drowning?
Track Name: Matt Damon
Home again
I Came and went
You ever wondered why I left?
I didn't think that you’d go first
I can't say that's not true
Nothing left to do
Absence equals distance
What was I thinking
Felt regret
I'll never let
This memory out of my grasp like all the other ones

I've never been so lost
Has it always been this dark
Track Name: Words That Rhyme With Different, etc.
This dimly lit confinement that I call my own apartment has set me in a web of self pity and decay
I seem to find myself just lying awake in bed until 2 PM on Saturdays just wasting myself away

I'll never leave

Tell me that I'm different. I know it doesn't make a difference that my differences differ, it's all the same anyways.
'Cause I try (yeah I try) and I'll try (yeah sure,"try") but in the end I'm still alone and just totally lame

At least I tell myself that anyways

I'm hard on myself and I can't seem to stray from the idea that I'm worthless and have nothing else to give
I haven't slept a wink in what feels like days but I know I've only been awake since noon today
And it's 4 PM

God damn it

Since you left I haven't felt the same. The reason why I live, 3000 miles away
It's just hard to sit around all day and not be reminded of all the things you'd say
To make me laugh, to make my fears go away
A condition that's position eats away at me everyday
I just wish there could be another way for you to come home, back to me, back to the old days

These days that I just lay awake have taught me what you really mean
I should be more independent but I find it hard to determine if it's even worth living my own days
Track Name: I Am the Boy
I'd like to talk about a few things
Like how the last year has affected me
It may seem like it's nothing, but it's been burning a hole, can’t you see?
So if you could just wait I promise I’ll make it better.

Hold me, I'm a wreck, I neglect and I'm dysfunctional
To everyone around me and you're everyone around
Me, I digress, I can't let you walk away,
I swear I'll change
If you let me.
so, will you let me?

So could you pull me up, because I feel like I hit the deep end
But I'm "okay", if that's what you want me to tell you

I know, I'm sorry
I let this go to waste, I fucking ruin everything
I know, I'm sorry
But I'm sorry doesn't mean anything

'Cause I'd love it if you fucking let me
Track Name: Ridge Road
I'm a mountain that can't be moved
That's a lie
And I'm a ship that cannot sink
In your eyes
But truth be told I am the darkest hole of life
An ache and a moan on a desolate bone are you satisfied
Are you satisfied?

‘Cause I've never felt at place
And I could never follow your ways
I try and I try to be perfect in your... in your eyes
But no matter what I do I'll never be as good
As you

Well I think I'm giving up
I'm over being your crutch

This is not the end my friend
But I don't know if I have hope to pull me from this hole
As these summer nights come to an end
I'll slowly lose my head
That the boat that once kept me afloat is shattered
As I start to choke

I'm a mountain that can't be moved
I'm a ship that cannot sink
In your eyes
Track Name: Spooky Damon
I'm shocked but not surprised that I'm living alone again
Held up in my cold bedroom
I'll never speak till then
Living too close to someone who I might become

Feeling awfully anxious about everything I think about.

I'm shocked but not surprised that I'm living alone again
Everyday I come home I'm
Lying in an unmade bed
Track Name: Steven Believin'
I'm waiting for anyone I know to call me. I'm blissfully sinking.
I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you to call
"Yeah I'll call, I'll call" "Yeah?" "I swear to god I'll call."

I'm sorry. I'm always sorry. I don't know why I let my mind lie to me

I've always wanted to be at home in someone else's arms

I don't know why I let my mind lie to me

I'm waiting for you to call me
I'm waiting I'm waiting for you to call
Yeah I'll call, I'll call. Yeah, I swear to god I'll call
Track Name: Good Will Haunting
So I guess this is our goodbye
Packed my bags, dig out my eyes.
like all those other times
I promised that would never happen to me
Let alone us
Yeah I packed my bags, could you hit the lights?
I'll never forgive myself for tonight

I'm terrified of growing up
And it drove you away
So I drove you home
It can never be the same
You made me feel alive
Track Name: Rick's Licks (A Harsh Tale)
I can't fucking think
And these bookshelves of stress fill my apartment
I don't get why no matter how hard I try
I can't seem to get anything right

And I don't know what you could see
In a waste of a man like me
I'll just close my eyes and hope I don't make it till sunrise

I've given up on giving up
My life has fallen apart, and nobody gives a fuck
I hide away almost everyday
I'm afraid of everything, I don't deserve anything

But I still try
To craft these lies that I'm doing okay

Are you listening?
Because I haven't heard a thing
At least that's what I keep telling myself

And I don't get what you could see
In a waste of a man like me
I'll just close my eyes and hope I don't make it till sunrise
Because it's been so long since I've felt That I belonged
Just lay it to rest, a lost cause I'll close my eyes until the sounds fade
Track Name: Police//You're Outta Here
The walk from my apartment to train tracks has never seemed.
So fucking long and so fucking cold just bring me to peace

My life is nothing more than constant cries of disappointments
I’ve leveraged all my time in hobbies that aren’t valued and unimportant

But still I come

I fear myself and I realized that I'm stuck in the same place
I’m a manic depressive who spends all his time in a basement in Brookline
I say I try but what that really means I complain constantly
about growing older and dying in my sleep

I’ve given up on almost everything that I’ve come in contact with recently
All that I have going for me is playing games made for kids in their teens

I'll never be anything more than nothing

“I’ll draw a card and pass my turn
looks like I’m all tapped out
I’ll throw a bolt into your face”
that’s all I think about

nothing ever seems to change
whether I want it I always stay the same
I keep thinking that something I’ll do
will pull me from this home that keeps pulling me in.
you’re pulling me in